About the Course

The course addresses key issues in the law and economics of services trade; explores sectoral negotiating challenges in selected sectors, focuses attention on the challenge of labour mobility and addresses key political economy constraints arising from services rule-making and market opening. Moreover, the course also aims at introducing participants to different methods used in assessing the barriers of entry to services sectors which could have a negative impact on the performance of the sectors, and hence on the economy in general. The training also addresses the different types of methodologies used to assess restrictiveness including the ones that address the level and the ones that address the effect of the restrictions on price-cost margins. This is followed by sessions that will delve in sectoral details on how to assess the restrictiveness of such sector. The sectors that are tackled include telecommunications and logistics and transport. The training will use templates used by the World Bank and other organizations as OECD and European Union on assessing the degree of restrictiveness of the different sectors. The training will engage participants on services negotiations to hone their skills on services.

Expected Training Outcomes

  • an ability to think critically, strategically and independently,
  • an appreciation of how the economic characteristics of services transactions have shaped the law of services trade,
  • a deep understanding of the conceptual complexities of liberalisation of trade in services,
  • an advanced knowledge of international trade in services,
  • a highly developed global mindset with a grasp of international trade in services issues,
  • an enhanced understanding of the linkages between international trade in services and development

Fee and Other Costs

Fees and other costs

The fee for the programme will be US$ 2,000 this includes tuition, presentation material and other documentation. It also includes lunch and refreshments during each working day.

Event Destination: Nairobi, Kenya