Trade Negotiations Segment

Dear participants,

I trust that you have been benefiting from previous lectures. My Name is Tsotetsi Makong. I am a resident faculty member at trapca. My areas of specialization are trade facilitation, trade law and trade negotiations. I hope we will get to know each other further during the course of the coming two weeks. 

I am very excited for this course which quite hands on and practical. For the coming two weeks we will embark on an exciting journey with exclusive focus on international trade negotiations. This is an area that is normally taken for granted until its too late. Recently there has been increased recognition of "negotiations" as an art in its own right. I intent to provide you with as much exposure to this area as possible. I also expect to learn a lot from you given undoubted experience each and every one of us has at one level or the other.

My humble request is for each of you to introduce yourselves at least to me. In your introduction kindly let me know you occupation, your country and your expectations for the course. In terms of the course timelines, particularly class time, we will keep the similar approach to that of my colleague Mr. Thokozani. 

I will post some material for your reflections and tomorrow at 4 EAT we will be set to start the ball rolling.

Looking forward to taking the journey with your good selves,


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